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09 June, 2017

What the hell has just happened? Jeremy Corbyn should have won!

Despite the polls published by the media, the first shock came when the establishment saw that the big gap between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May was closing dramatically.

Then, according to the exit polls, Theresa May was losing power to the degree that she couldn't win the adequate number of seats to form a new government.

Yet, the first results (which is the real thing and the substance of the election), were showing a clear victory for the Labour. It would be reasonable to reach a reasonable percentage of counted votes in order to shape a safe picture for the final result.

Up until more than half seats counted, the Labour was steadily ahead, in some time points with more than 10 seats against the Concervatives. All this time we witnessed the panic of the mainstream media pundits, as they were seeing a serious possibility of Jeremy Corbyn to become the next UK Prime Minister. So, statistically, we should expect a similar final result. How the hell Corbyn lost?


  1. Anonymous9/6/17 17:20

    because different seats are counted at different rates.

  2. Anonymous9/6/17 22:35

    Typically in the UK seats with high density housing and good transport links finish their counts first. Most young people live in these areas and the swing towards labour was mostly young people.

  3. Yes, the metropolitan areas are more likely or be Labour, and votes can be counted a lot more quickly within a geographically quite small, but densely populated area. The rural and semi-rural areas have voters spread over a much larger area geographically which means that ballot boxes have to travel some distance before being counted.
    Have a look at a political map of England to see that it appears that the conservatives dominate geographically, far more than the ratio of their votes to Labour's suggests.