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12 June, 2017

UK election demographics provided another evidence that neoliberalism collapses

When a monstrous mutation of a specific socioeconomic system reveals its true nature, it is a matter of time to collapse.

by system failure

When a monstrous mutation of a specific socioeconomic system reveals its true nature, it is a matter of time to collapse. It appears that this is happening right now with neoliberalism as a heavily distorted version of the obsolete and non-functional capitalism.

Further evidence for this fact can be found in the latest UK election demographics. The most impressive characteristic in our opinion, is the fact that the younger ages clearly showed that they prefer Jeremy Corbyn's Socialist manifesto against Theresa May's classic neoliberal and zero-prospect agenda of more austerity, more tax-breaks for the super-rich, more privatizations, less and less social state.

As observed previously, the power of the Conservatives grows linearly with the age of the voters, which shows the gap between younger generations and the older ones. The younger would like to see Corbyn's socialist policies implemented, to drive UK forward against neoconservatism and neoliberalism. On the contrary, the older remain conservative and unwilling to see real changes.

A closer look at the data shows that the youngest electoral team (18-24) is the one that favors Jeremy Corbyn by far. What's most interesting is that this is a generation that was born and raised inside the neoliberal culture without having any memories of alternative socioeconomic systems.

Although the neoliberal propaganda has brainwashed societies for decades towards the perception that 'there is no alternative' and that Socialism is more or less a kind of disease, the youngest appear to be much more willing to explore alternatives against the dominant dogma.

This could be explained to a significant extent by the fact that these generations did not experience the fake prosperity that neoliberalism offered in previous decades through bubble economy. Their memories are connected with conditions of increasingly cruel competition in the workplaces, deregulation of the labor market, increasingly lower wages, and all kinds of part-time jobs with flexible hours and little or even zero insurance. Their memories are also connected with expensive and private education which becomes affordable for less and less young people.

And when Theresa May offers nothing except more of the same recipe, it is natural for the youngest generations to turn their back to the dominant ideology and follow a Socialist who gives them real hope and perspective.

We saw a similar situation in the US with the primary elections of the Democrats, where the American youth supported massively Bernie Sanders and managed to boost his power against Hillary Clinton. When the establishment saw his power grow rapidly, the DNC itself decided to get him out of the game.

So, when the youngest at the heart of neoliberalism start to look for alternatives, it is another good indication that neoliberalism collapses.


  1. You need to do more research, my friend. Older women deprived of their State Pension ("Waspis") by neoliberal theft would normally vote Conservative. This time they voted 70:30 Labour...and they outnumber 18-25s by 2:1.
    I think it will be revealed before long that they brought Theresa May down, not the Young.

    1. Interesting, thank you. We are looked only at the general trend based on age. The more detailed look, the more surprises you can discover.