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17 June, 2017

From al-Qaeda terrorist to CIA “Freedom Fighter”: one man’s journey from Europe to Libya

In the bloody terror-fueled conflicts that have been waged by the U.S. and NATO in Libya and Syria, one man has helped to recruit so-called “freedom fighters” and unleash them on those countries’ innocent civilians. But he has yet to be brought to justice.

by Steven Sahiounie

Part 3 - Linking Ireland to Western-backed terrorists

Al-Harati’s home country of Ireland is tightly connected to the same terrorists that he has worked with for years. After the Manchester and London terrorist attacks in early summer 2017, it came to light that they had a strong link to Ireland. We now know that the government of Ireland has been consistently supporting radical Wahhabist terrorists in Syria, describing them as “freedom fighters.” Ireland itself has a long history of homegrown terrorism. There is also a long-established trend of terrorist groups having helped each other in joint ventures – one hand washing the other.

The deserts of Libya were home to Irish terrorists-in-training from 1986 to 1997. Even now, the Shannon Airport is still being used to channel weapons and supplies to terrorists in Syria. The Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) unequivocally called for the Libyan fighters who overthrew Gaddafi to be armed and internationally recognized.

Several of the Manchester and London terrorists have been associated with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG, a CIA-run terrorist group that was founded in Dublin by Housam “Sam” Najjair and al-Harati.) Najjair and Harati have been described by Pat Kenny, Mary Fitzgerald and other political notables of Ireland as freedom-fighting secularists – not as the sectarian monsters that the people of Syria and Libya know them to be.

However, the mainstream Irish press has continued to praise such “freedom fighters” – at least, until their connection to the UK attacks was made known. Irish citizens have died as jihadists in Syria, but mainstream Irish politicians have still supported jihadi carnage across Syria.

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