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10 June, 2017

Britain has just lost a big chance to avoid Dark Ages 2.0

Theresa May has lost significant power in the last UK election, yet it's still enough for her in order to apply the most brutal version of the neoliberal agenda, pushing the UK into the new Dark Ages.

Unless a dramatic change happens, May is about to take advantage of all the time she can get, in order to proceed according to the plan of the plutocratic elites.

Some things that should be considered almost certain under her extended term:

  • Full privatization of the NHS for the sake of the private vultures. As described previously: The National Health Service in the UK has been one of the most successful healthcare systems in the West, run publicly. Yet, the conservatives (and to some extent the Labour before Corbyn) have been fully taken over by the big business lobbyists who have tried for decades to loot NHS, mainly because they are pursuing more tax-breaks and opportunities for more profits from the healthcare sector.

  • Further slaughtering of pensions and wages. Massive lay-offs in the public sector. Further deregulation of the labor market.

  • Dramatic increase in college-university fees.

  • Further repression measures under the pretext of terrorism. These will be used against any potential popular uprise against the neoliberal hurricane that May is planning to impose.

  • Police militarization and privatization. Further cuts in the numbers of public officers will be used by the government to open the road to private security companies.

  • Μilitary privatization. Further opening of the security sector to private companies of mercenaries, approaching the US model.

  • Further tax-cuts for the super-rich, more taxes for the middle class.

A possible scenario concerning Brexit

The financial lobbies have just bought some extra time to reverse Brexit. They will exercise unprecedented pressure both on May and her party, as well as on the EU financial center in Frankfurt.

The conservatives will be forced to re-negotiate with the Brussels-Berlin axis in order to work together and find a trick to cancel Brexit.

Simultaneously, the lobbies will push Brussels (and mostly Berlin and Frankfurt) to make significant retreats that will become a tool in the hands of Theresa May and the Tories to reverse Brexit.

This is the point of no-return. Britain has just lost a unique chance to avoid Dark Ages 2.0 by giving a clear victory to the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn. We sincerely hope that we are wrong ...

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1 comment:

  1. Obviousley people are too rich to care, or I'm alright Jack attitude that put theTorys in power in the first place demonising sick ,disabled and poor? makes ordinary people angry, while the biased media scared the elderly into thinking Corbyn was the devil incarnate, Now they will see who the REAL Devil is.